Car designers tend to use a limited number of shapes, but these twenty models bear more than just a resemblance to each other.

10.) Ferrari GTB4/Rover SD1

Who was first? Ferrari!

The similarity was never was a secret, 365Daytonafan explains:

The designer of the SD1 David Bache freely admitted he was influenced by the Ferrari Daytona and the Maserati Indy.

Suggested By: TokyoBayAquaLine, Photo Credit: SoCal Car Photography and grobertson4

9.) Dodge Omni/Volkswagen Rabbit

Who was first? Chrysler!

The European Golf looked like a Golf. The facelifted American Rabbit did not.

Suggested By: Triborough, Photo Credit: DVS1mn and Trenten Kelley Photography

8.) NSU Prinz/Chevrolet Corvair

Who was first? Chevrolet!

Both used the same air-cooled, rear-engined setup but on a very different scale.

Suggested By: duurtlang, Photo Credit:arne.list and katherinetompkins

7.) Ford Mustang/Toyota Celica

Who was first? Ford!

The Japanese copied from the best. And they did a perfect job.

Suggested By: Desu-San-Desu, Photo Credit: FotoSleuth and Sicnag

6.) Toyota Corolla AE86/Nissan 200SX

Who was first? Toyota!

Whichever you choose, fun is guaranteed.

Suggested By: JayZAyEighty Oppositelocksmith, Photo Credit: zanthrax-dot-nl and dave_7

5.) Jaguar E-Type/Toyota 2000GT

Who was first? Jaguar!

Which is worth more? The Toyota!

Suggested By: TheCrudMan, Photo Credit: Jack Snell and Moto@Club4AG

4.) Mercedes-Benz E-Class/Kia Amanti

Who was first? Mercedes-Benz!

This came from a time when Kia didn't have designers like Peter Schreyer working for them. The rear was a Chrysler copy.

Suggested By: willkinton247, Photo Credit: euthman and Wikimedia Commons

3.) Renault 8/Simca 1000

Who was first? Simca!

The French were acting as one big family with these two rear-engined sedans.

Suggested By: N2Skylark, Photo Credit: bleuvert02 and SG2012

2.) Porsche 944/Mazda RX-7

Who was first? Porsche!

Their speed was roughly the same.

Suggested By: themanwithsauce, Photo Credit: Grant.C and John Lemieux

1.) Ford Thunderbird/Auto Union 1000SP

Who was first? Ford!

In the old days, Americans wanted European styling and Europeans wanted American. This is the result.


Suggested By: Arch Duke Maxyenko, The Great!, Photo Credit: LeeLilly and grobertson4

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