Mazda6 Becomes First Diesel To Win At Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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Let's hear it for the Mazda6 diesel race car! It scored a big victory for oil burners this weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, further cementing its general awesomeness.


With a victory at yesterday's Grand-Am Brickyard Grand Prix, the Mazda6 SKYACTIV-D Clean Diesel car became the first diesel ever to win at Indy. The No. 70 SpeedSource Castrol Edge Mazda took the win in its GX class after having battled with Porsche throughout the race. While this field is small, it's still an impressive achievement.


USA Today reports that other cars have attempted wins at Indy before, but have never succeeded. In 1952, the Cummins Engine Special won the pole for the Indy 500 in 1952, but never captured the checkered flag.

With five wins in a row now, the oil burner Mazda is well on its way to making up for its poor showing at Daytona at the beginning of the year. We can't wait to get our hands on the production version.

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Fred Smith

I like the fact that the PR picture Mazda sent out actually includes what is likely the only fan of a GX car at the track. He's actually holding up a poster for the #38 Cayman, nicknamed "flipper" after it survived to finish after a flip at Road Atlanta earlier in the year. This guy might be the only person in the field paying attention to GX (a class made up of literally just the cars in that picture, mind you), and he's not even paying attention to the car in question!