Mazda Miata Photochop Madness

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A precarious mix of unemployment, Mazda Miatas, and photoshop could produce many things. A man named Moe took these three conditions and created a borderline disturbing but also funny collection of homemade chops. He's got everything from an Army issue Miata to a Zoom Zoom Zamboni. Extensive televison viewing seems to have also played a role. Tom Selleck and Wonder Woman are in there, but sadly there is no Columbo Miata.

Miata + Photoshop = Fun! []

Well, Actually, It Could've Come From Your Loins: Trans Am Photochop [Internal]


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Ray Wert Jr

I want a TMNT fwd Fiero, but it's just not in the cards SwatLax....

Wait, I have Photoshop CS3, I can make it happen!