Here's the newest Vision Gran Turismo car: the Mazda LM55, a modern follow up to the company's Le Mans-winning past.

GT6 just revealed the car this Christmas Eve, a present to us all, or something like that. It's a tribute, both in design and style, to the legendary Group C Mazda 787, which managed to eke out a 24 Hours of Le Mans win in 1991. It took Mazda 13 years to get that victory, and it still has a force in the company.

While Mazda talks up the 787's rotary engine in this debut video, they make no mention of what engine is in this LM55 car. It certainly revs high, but it wears piston-associated 'Skyactiv' badging on its stabilizer fin.


Here are more pictures of the car for you to drool over. Use them to dream about a new Mazda prototype race car. Toyota and Nissan are already back, Mazda. You might not hold your title of Japan's only Le Mans-winning manufacturer for long.