Mazda Is Putting Important RX-7 Parts Back Into Production

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Keeping an old, out-of-production vehicle on the road can be a daunting task. If the manufacturer and aftermarket don’t supply parts, you’re left figuring things out yourself. Or, if you’re as lucky as Mazda RX-7 owners are about to be, the original manufacturer puts parts back into production.

The RX-7 started life in 1978 with the so-called SA22C first-generation model and remained in production through three generations until 1997. The rotary-powered RX-7 is so coveted by enthusiasts they still sell for incredible prices today.

Starting February 2021, Mazda will produce 91 important wear parts for the second-generation FC3S and third-generation FD3S RX-7s, reported Japanese Nostalgic Car. Check out this catalog on Mazda’s Japanese site. There’s nothing too major there. The catalog offers a choice of vacuum hoses, rubber bushings, hardware and throttle position sensors. Mazda plans on adding more parts, compiling the list based on input from the Japanese shops that service the sportscar in Japan. For now, the program is known to be in Japan, so RX-7 owners here in America would have to ship their new parts in from Japan.


This isn’t the first time the marque has decided to give its fans some help keeping their cars on the road. Mazda not only offers parts for first-generation MX-5 Miatas, but the company offers to restore them, too. Mazda goes full send with that program, even offering up replica period-correct tires. Period-correct tires!

What’s not yet known is if this program will be offered in the U.S. like the Miata program is. It’s also not yet known if the program will evolve into a full restoration service.

Programs like these are more common than you’d think. Many Japanese automakers have programs to help keep owners of their ’80s and ’90s darlings going. Honda has a parts program for its Beat and NSX; Nissan for a number of Skyline generations.

News like this makes me happy. It means some older cars may get a second or third chance to keep their wheels out of a junkyard and remain in the hands of people who love them. I wish every automaker had this sort of dedication to their fans.

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I’d be very interested if the parts included, check notes, “every single part I’d need to build an entire FD from the ground up.”

Your move Mazda.