Maybach: The End Is Nigh

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Billionaires the world over are bummed. That's right kids, Mercedes-Benz's ultra-luxury marketing disaster experiment is slowly but methodically getting its plug pulled. The skinny: since 2002, Maybach has sold a whopping 800 cars. Here in the United States, the world's biggest market for cars that cost more than houses, Maybach sold only 146 cars last year. And they planned on selling 600. As a result 29 of the 71 US Maybach stores will be shuttering their diamond-encrusted doors. We'll even lay better than 2-1 odds that the rest will sooner than later follow suit. Most will blame the demise of the re-birthed brand on the fact that both the 57 and 62 were essentially ugly, bloated S-Classes with $300,000 worth of options. And we won't refute that. Next time though, think of some catchier names. Who thought telling an American buyer that their half a million dollar car is called 62 because it is 6.2 meters long was a smart idea? Also, ya shoulda built the Exelero. [Motor Authority]



There are 71 Maybach DEALERSHIPS? Are they nuts? Anyone willing to drop over $300K on a car is going to be willing to take a flight (first-class all the way, baby!) to where the car is sold. It doesn't matter where that is. If their self-worth is measured that externally, they'll go to whatever lengths necessary.

Has anyone else noticed what Warren Buffet drives? The man can buy the moon and have lunch money left over, and he gets around in what, an Altima? Buffet FTW.

Maybach was a dumbass idea, writ large.