Maximum Speed: Super Speedway 1970

Two and a half miles of special compound concretes. Super stock cars provided by Detroit. The drivers drawn into an upward spiral of speed, size, and money. Learned was that when a car won on Sunday, sales went up on Monday. Specially engineered. Cost in the millions. Progress.

Nascar Scion Bill France Jr. Dies at 74 [Internal]


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Meat Farley

THAT'S IT! You had me wondering, so I googled it.

"In 1973, Bobby Isaac pulled into the pits at Talladega while leading and retired. One story said a voice told him to get out of the race car. The incident was scripted into "Days of Thunder." Isaac "unretired" for a few races over the next three years. On August 13, 1977 Isaac ran his last race, a late model sportsman event at his home track in Hickory. With 10 laps to go, he pitted, as Lehto writes, "This time it wasn't a voice telling him to quit, it was heat exhaustion and a failing heart." Isaac took a few steps and collapsed … he was taken to the hospital where he died late that night."

I also came across a pretty cool article on his Bonneville records.