"Maximum" Bob Lutz Channels Vulcans On Volt

Illustration for article titled Maximum Bob Lutz Channels Vulcans On Volt

The guy who just left his job at GM with "Chairman" in the title (No, not that guy! The other guy!) says despite Auto Task Force comments, the Chevy Volt will "survive and prosper." [GM-Volt]


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On his trip to Vulcan, did he happen to mention anything about Saturn and how F'ed it is? Not only are the majority of Saturns on the road today F'ed up pieces of shit like mine. For that matter, how the f*ck any of the old Saturns are still on the goddamn road is beyond me. The cars are so F'ed up that apparently not even the F'ing service technicians can do anything to fix the stupid little F'ers. It must be karma. I just told some guy yesterday that I had had nothing but good experiences with the Saturn dealer and service department, this after having spent close to two grand in the past six weeks for major overhauls of the steering, breaks, and transmission. I finally got the F'ing car back last Friday, and last night the F'er just gave out on me. Gears didn't catch, power steering and breaks froze up, and the battery and oil lights came on. Battery and oil were changed three weeks ago. Brakes overhauled six weeks ago. Power steering overhauled two weeks ago. Transmission overhauled Friday. F Saturns. F the Saturn service department for F'ing that one up. While I'm at it, F everything.

Tell Lutz to take Saturn and shove it up Vulcan's ass.

I'm going to shut the F up and go back to f'ing hole in the wall as I await news of what the F happened with F'ing F of a car.

/End angry rant.