Max Attack! The Ultimate Flat-Out Rally Fly By

This. Is. Rally.

Well, it's not just rally. It's one of the most passed around rallying clips of the past three years. Here's what you're actually looking at.


This is ex-F1 driver Robert Kubica at the Rallye di Como in 2012 in a Citroën C4 WRC. He won. It was one of his first races returning to motorsport after he nearly he was nearly impaled to death in a rally crash the year before.


This is the original video, shot by Adama Małecki.

And here's another angle of Kubica flat out with a building on one side and a stone wall on the other.

And it was that first video that went viral, boosted by Kubica's ultra-dedicated fans.

What cracks me up is that Kubica still drives like this. Legend.

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Shifty McShifterson

Kick ass. I should start watching rallying.

I love this clip, it's almost unbelievable: