I spent a few years working at a bus factory, and every so often some guy would show up with one of our buses he'd converted into something unusual (computer store, gunsmith shop, bowling alley, etc), so I thought I'd seen it all. But no: here comes the story of Rabbi Aaron Winternitz of Spring Valley, New York, and his solution to the Passover dilemma facing his congregation, the members of which had to go an hour each way to a bakery in Brooklyn in order to make their matzo. Winternitz picked up an old school bus, plopped it in his back yard, and converted it into a complete matzo bakery, with wood-fired firebricked oven, sinks, counters, and a bicycle-powered wheat grinder. It's nice... but come on, a bakery bus needs to be drivable!

From Rabbi, the Eclectic Shul Aid Matzo Test [New York Times]

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