Mater The Tow Truck Has An Evil Cousin That Destroys Drag Strips

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What started life as a conservative, utilitarian 1947 Chevrolet pickup has been stretched, slammed, distorted, and overboosted into a delightfully offensive rolling coal rat rod from tuner truck hell.

The truck is powered by a 1996 Ford Power Stroke diesel, maxing out at 42 pounds of boost to make 505 horsepower and 885 lb-ft of torque. It runs a quarter mile in under fourteen seconds leaving rubber, a thick veil of diesel smoke, and terrified children in its wake.


I don't always go in for trucks that look like aquarium props, but there's something oddly alluring about this heap. I mean, there's more to look at on the thing than a wall at Chili's.

Hat tip to Bullitt Ride!

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