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Where would we be without YouTube and Google Videos' free interweb video goodness? While the free video sites are already home to some absolutely epic hoonage and amazingly detailed car reviews, they've now moved into an equally important niche in the auto experience...the television ad. And we're not talking just Kermit-the-frog and Corn-y Ethanol ads, but classic commercials advocating some of the best of the glory days of the automotive industry. So, until the free video sites begin allowing porn involving girls on cars, this'll have to do. Let's start with this...

...classic commercial for the 1970 Dodge Charger. This bit of "subdued" sex-sellin' is all about reminding us that we could be "Dodge material" long as we're willing to go for a four-some with three hot and sexy 70's Farah Fawcett types and leave our girlfriend behind in the dust. Count us in!


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