Massive Rollover On Dakar Stage 7A Ends In Huge Fireball

No matter how well prepared you are, when the Dakar Rally bites you, it bites you hard. The El Martillo Racing Dodge Durango driven by Matthew Campbell found this out during yesterday's Stage 7A with a big end-over-end rollover that ended in a big fireball. Fortunately, everyone in the truck was okay.


From the looks of the video, this was a particularly difficult section, as several other disabled cars are right in the same area. None quite flew as far or spat as much fire as the El Martillo Durango, though.

Miraculously, the team assured its fans on Twitter that both the driver and navigator are fine:


Stage 7A goes from Iquique to Uyuni. Motorcycles and quads are racing the stage today.

Here are a couple more angles of the double-accident site. This video includes the first flip-over:

Here's a closer view of the El Martillo Racing crash, via Axis of Oversteer:

[H/T McNewbie]

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Dusty Ventures

Jesus H Christ. That was like a scene out of a Michael Bay movie