Massive Beast-Wasp Interrupts Daniel Ricciardo's Post-Qualifying Interview

GIF via Formula 1

Red Bull Racing F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo narrowly missed out on HIS FACE GETTING STUNG BY A GIANT FREAKIN’ WASP HOLY CRAP KILL IT WITH FIRE.

Ricciardo was in the process of explaining how stunned he was to lose out on a fifth place start at Monza to Williams driver Valtteri Bottas by a mere thousandth of a second when his conversation was interrupted by a giant wasp.


Ricciardo laid down a lap time of 1:22.389, and while Bottas bested it with a 1:22.388, I daresay he couldn’t match the speed at which Ricciardo dodged that giant wasp. Look at the size of that thing! We’re going to need a bigger flamethrower.

Today’s qualifying sessions were pretty standard, with Mercedes locking out the front row and Ferrari’s two cars on row two. Esteban Gutiérrez got a Haas F1 car into the third and final round of qualifying for the first time ever, but will start tenth. The Manor car of unlucky driver Esteban Ocon, however, broke down before he could even set a lap time. You can see the full results here.

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Tell him to come to Houston, where these assholes have been everywhere the last few weeks.

I had one the size of my thumb come after me just a day or two ago. It was a fuck that moment.