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Mashable Had The Worst-Ever GM Recall Story Placement Just Now

Illustration for article titled iMashable/i Had The Worst-Ever GM Recall Story Placement Just Now

There are probably some helpful tips in Mashable's post on "10 times when staying quiet at work is your best option." We wonder how they mined that sort of information — perhaps by asking GM employees, who have essentially done the same thing?


For a few minutes on Mashable's homepage, the tech site had side-by-side links to a rundown of GM CEO Mary Barra's findings of an ignition defect investigation and advice for keeping secrets in the workplace. Er...awkward, considering how this whole investigation came about.


Someone at the helm likely noticed the same and reconfigured the homepage, but we've got a screenshot that'll live in infamy.

H/T to Karl Henkel for being the first to call them out!

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