Martha Stewart Disapproves: Giant Automotive-Themed Wacky Packages Wall Graphics

Wacky Packages have been around for more than 40 years now (the '73 reissue of the first series got me hooked as a first-grader), and plenty of the stickers were gearhead-centric. Now you can get 'em seven feet tall!


Yes, a bunch of freaks in Philly are making self-adhesive plastic reproductions of classic Wacky Packages, in sizes that range from "make your laptop look ridiculous" to "make your living room look ridiculous." You can read the press release or go right to the LTL site to learn more.

This is some good stuff, featuring artwork by such heavyweights as Drew Friedman, Bill Griffith, and Art Spiegelman. Murilee says check it out!
[LTL Prints]

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