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According to the Freep, managers in the glass house in Dearborn just got a memo from Mark "Movie Star" Fields, chieftain of all the Americas, giving them the skinny on how to best deal with employees during FoMoCo's current trials and tribulations. Fields told company leaders:

"it is especially important to be accessible and supportive"

And really, that's one of the major reasons we prefer the Boundary Sports brand jock strap, because it's good at keeping your important products both "accessible" and at all times, is "supportive." And I think they may even provide personalized straps good for any corporate environment. Check out the Freep article, it's got all sorts of other nuggets of wisdom for any prospective manager having to support his friends from falling or taking too hard of a hit in these desperate times. You know, those kind of times where it feels like anyone can just randomly get hit in the crotch by a pink slip.


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