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Marcus Grönholm Loses Consciousness During X Games RallyCross Practice Crash

While practicing for the X Games RallyCross event yesterday driver Marcus Grönholm crashed and lost consciousness. The crash is the second serious accident that has occurred during practices for today's RallyCross finals.


According to a witness account on and the video seen above, it seems Grönholm was setting up for a turn when he crashed into an exposed light pole base. The driver was unconscious but breathing after the accident and was transported to a nearby Los Angeles hospital.


Since then, the driver has woken up but is still undergoing further testing. Grönholm, who was a favorite to win this afternoon's RallyCross final will not be competing. After two serious crashes in two days during practice, we can only wonder what will happen during the actual event.


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Seems like a not to violent crash. I wonder if something else was wrong with him before that happened or maybe I'm just not realizing how fast it is.