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Another five minutes, another corporate-sponsored, customized late-model car. (Hang in, kids, we've got a whole week of this stuff to get through.) Urban-chic designer Marc Ecko unveiled a promotional Nissan Pathfinder that bears his corporate seal at a show in New York. The exterior's done in a cream Landau roof, laser-etched rims and "safety orange" side panels. The interior is rendered in cream and tan calfskin leathers, with high-contrast stitching. The Pathfinder is one of two Nissans he's creating to heighten the profile of two of his clothing lines. The other is an Armada, which we haven't seen yet, but just give it time. [Gallery]

UPDATE: We spoke too soon — the good folks at have a gallery of their own of the Armada.


[via World Car Fans]

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