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Many of the best Oversized Gynoids of the 1960s were impressive machines, capable of speech, self-programming, and feats of strength, but keeping them running required colossal amounts of biomass, usually in the form of flowering plants. Often a whole Autobianchi’s worth per day.


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Wow, flashbacks to high school. The tallest person to graduate from my high school was a year ahead of me. She was 6'9" when I met her was a sophomor. By the time she graduated, she was closing in on 7' tall I think.

Every picture of her looked something like this ad. And like this ad, she liked to dress up and have on low heels. But, when you wear something like a size 20 womans shoe, a low heel is still something like 4".

She actually got told off for wearing a skirt that was eye-level for the vice principal (who looked sort of like the guy with the flowers come to think of it).   Her response was that if he could find a place to buy a longer skirt, she would purchase one.