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Manual transmission a U.S.-only option for new BMW M5?

The 2012 BMW M5's great on ice, but details of the new 5er have been scarce. Now's reporting the U.S. will get a manual transmission, but no one else will. That's so wonderfully backwards. (H/T 5post!)


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It's all about people's perceptions...

In Europe, normal cars come with manuals and normal people drive manuals. Automated manuals (whether single or dual clutch) are the cool thing for gearheads, because they help extract every last ounce of performance from the car, and people really don't care as much about smoothness there as they do here.

In America, normal cars come with torque-converter automatics and normal people drive torque-converter automatics. Manuals are the cool thing for gearheads, because they allow for more control and used to give better performance than torque-converter automatics. We don't like automated manuals because we associate them with automatics and because, in single-clutch form, they are too jerky for us.