We really don't care if the Opel Manta is considered the IROC-Z of Europe. We don't, we don't, we don't. Because we in our aging post-hipster wisdom simply think it's one of the coolest cars ever made. Rust? Suckage? Doesn't matter. It's a goddamn Manta, people. A turbo-dorifto-hoon Manta? Well, that's even better. Hit play and get rocked by Jack White, Meg White and Adam Opel. Ride the lightning, children. Ride it like it's freakin' Seabiscuit.


Mein Gott! Manta, Der Film! [Internal]

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Great car, great film, but the coolest part is watching this on Jalopnik, listening to the music and seeing those six-shooters from the road rage story below in the bottom of my screen raockin and shooting to the beat of the film score!


If that was planned its pure genious!

If it just happened that way it's Jalopnik magic genious!

Well done!!

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