Man Ticketed After Staten Island Erects "No Parking" Sign In Front Of Car

James Allan of Annadale, NY returned home to a $60 parking ticket waiting on his car and a "No Parking" sign that wasn't there before. The concrete was still wet.

James Allan parked his car for 13 years on the street in front of his house. Why not? There weren't any "NO PARKING" signs evident and no tickets were issued to anyone... until last Monday when the local Department of Transportation came through and installed a "No Parking At Any Time" sign right next to his car and promptly ticketed it. According to officials, the area had been a "no parking zone" the entire time, but had no explanation for the missing sign.


James will be fighting the ticket in court saying "I'm not paying $60 for a sign that wasn't there." [SLive]

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