Man Sues City For Own Negligence

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For those of you who've never visited the great Central Valley of California, you may have wondered why John Fogerty seemed so upset to be stuck in Lodi again. Trust us, we know all about that pain, having trundled around the city nigh-on sixteen years ago in the back of a beat Ford Econoline pickup trying to get to the Grape Bowl to see a marching band competition. Despite the new housing tracts, it's still a damn desolate place. Actually, maybe even moreso now. Here's another reason:

City dump truck driver Curtis Gokey backed into his own car. He then attempted to sue the city for $3,600, claiming that his car was damaged by city property. A judge ruled that he was, in essence, suing himself, so his wife took over the case and has upped the ante to $4,800. And we wonder why we left the Central Valley lo those many years ago. [Thanks to Bangin' Blt Doherty for the tip.]


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