Man Seeks Sex Through Craigslist, Finds Carjackers Instead

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As we all know, Craigslist can be a source of classic cars, parts and memorabilia. Completely unbeknownst to anyone at Jalopnik, it can also be used to solicit sex. A 23-year-old Brentwood man responded to an ad offering sex at what we assume was an attractive rate. But instead of "hittin that," a pair of men hit him in the head with a shotgun they were carrying. The man escaped with his life, but the criminals escaped with his money and GMC Sierra truck.


Let this be a lesson to those among you in the midst of a dry spell: a sporting woman is fun for a moment, but with the inherent risks wouldn't you be better off with the less temporal satisfaction that comes from a vegetable oil-powered Ford Econoline van? [San Jose Mercury News via]

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"..If you're 23 years old and you have to go to Craiglist to get some action,

you really need to re-evaluate your life 'cause I for one sure don't remember it being a problem for やのГ人Ӄ!

And buddy, if やのГ人Ӄ could get the job done, anybody can!

This has been a Dя. やのГ人Ӄ moment,

we now return you to your regularly scheduled nonsense..."

@やのГ人Ӄ: This is just sad, man. 23 year old should be running balls out naked through the trees with more fun than he can fit into a day. Someone needs to EDUCATE the boy. Jeebus.