Man Released From Prison, Carjacks Vehicle In Parking Lot

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On December 14th, Sean L. Hawkins Jr. walked out of Prince George's County Jail in Maryland on his own recognizance. He immediately carjacked a Toyota 4Runner because he "needed a ride home from jail."


The 22-year-old, six-foot-tall, 300 Lb Hawkins had been arrested and tossed in the slammer after assaulting his own mother, but the judge let him loose when a court date was assigned. Obviously Sean couldn't call his mom, but instead of getting a taxi or inconveniencing a friend, he yanked Roberto Valladares from his Toyota 4Runner and took off for home. Police caught up with Hawkins a couple hours later when they spotted him driving around without his headlights on, and now additional charges have been added to his docket. Really, really dumb. [Washington Post]

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First Alan Keyes, then the high school fake license plate revenge, then the drunk state Trooper, now this...isn't there any POSITIVE automotive news coming out of the Free State?