Photo: Oldsmobile

Man, Oldsmobile was going for some strange stuff with the 1969 442 W-30. It seems that they had created this Dr.Oldsmobile mad scientist character to imply that deeply strange, perhaps immoral experiments were crucial to the development of the car. The Dr.Oldsmobile character itself is pretty bizarre:

Photo: Oldsmobile

It’s clearly intended to be a sort of Dr.Frankenstein sort of character, but strangely melded with a kind of P.F. Butterscotch 1890s ice cream parlor sort of mustachio’d carnival-dude. And the Igor-type helper is melded with a kind of circus strongman archetype? It’s all deeply, deeply weird.

Oldsmobile should have stuck with this.

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Arch Duke Maxyenko, Shit Talk Extraordinaire

The fact that they advertised all of the engine specs is amazing. Also very over square engine.