Man, Jealous of Dad's Minivan, Crashes It Into Pond

Illustration for article titled Man, Jealous of Dad's Minivan, Crashes It Into Pond

Being overshadowed by a minivan in the eyes of one's father would wound the pride of even the strongest of men. Sadly, such is the lot of Anthony Roho, who's been forced to compete with a Nissan Quest for his father's affections—and for far too long, it seems.


Yesterday Roho, a 30-year-old Manhattanite, reached a breaking point of sorts in his sibling rivalry with the minivan—driving it into a Central Park pond. "F—k that car!" he told a witness at the scene. "It's my father's car. He loves that car more than he loves me." Why would a father love his Quest more than his son? Review this list of features to draw your own conclusions.

Though crashing the hated van was probably cathartic and self-affirming for Roho, park patrons who were chilling at the pond were sent "fleeing in panic" from the scene. Now Roho faces reckless-driving and reckless-endangerment charges. Worst of all is that his father probably still loves the minivan more.

[NY Post, Image via AP]