"Dave's Farm," the Canadian source of automotive shenanigans, saw driver "Pug" hospitalized with a broken back after hitting hard ramping an RV. It doesn't appear he was properly buckled in, ranking this high on the "What did you expect?" list.

According to the Edmonton Sun, Chris Whitcroft, 31, better known as regular Dave's Farm driver "Pug" was hospitalized with a broken back following a failed stunt attempt where he ramped a decrepit RV and landed hard, causing the injury. He was taken from the farm to the London, Ontario hospital where he's currently recovering, his family has said he isn't at risk for paralysis. Dave Rock, the "Dave" in "Dave's Farm," said of the incident "The lure of attention on YouTube, fame and income from YouTube is causing people at my farm and all over the world to hurt themselves to show off or try to make money," which is ironic, because Dave makes about $15,000 a month off of revenue sharing from his Youtube channel. 54 million total views will do that kind of thing. Of course, that gets shared with the stunt drivers, but still, not an unsubstantial lure to do stupid stuff like this. [Edmonton Sun]