Man Has to Knock Down Wall to Get Plane Out of His House

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So you want to build an airplane in your basement. Sure, that's reasonable enough. It's a commendable and ambitious hobby! But maybe—and I'm just spitballin' here—you should check to make sure you have room to drive it out.

Pennsylvanian Dan Reeves' neighbors knew he was up to something: "They think I have a radio-controlled airplane in my basement or something along those lines. But—oh no—it's much bigger than that." Yes, even bigger than building a Lambo in your basement.


He's not lying! The mailorder Vans RV7A plane filled up the entire room, with no way out. So Dan tore down one of his basement walls. His original plan was to build a glass ceiling above the plane so that you could look down at it from the living room, but his wife nixed the plan. I'm sure she's thrilled about the wall alternative! [WGAL]