Man Gets DUI After Driving On AA Founder's Lawn

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My name is Ben, and I'm an alcoholic. Ok. I'm not a real one. Those can be found at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, admitting their powerlessness against a horrible drug and, sometimes, driving on the lawn of the AA founder's birthplace.


That's right. Donald Blood got stewed the other night and tried to get a closer look at the historic Dorset, Vt. house. Details are scant, but the house holds AA meetings several times per week, so the incident could be connected. Perhaps we'll never know.

Poor ol' Bill W. must be rolling over in his grave thinking of the awkwardness of Blood's impending Step 9. In the meantime, Blood has a DUI charge to contend with.


Photo credit: Associated Press

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Andy Sheehan, StreetsideStig

He must have had a pretty high (sunglasses) Blood alcohol level.