Man Generously Selling First Batch Of Corvette ZR-1's, Only $350,000

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We wouldn't blame someone for wanting three 2009 Corvette ZR-1's, as the supercharged V8-powered promises to be the fastest Corvette ever. We guess we can't blame him for selling the other two because, you know, what are you going to do with three of them? But call us old fashioned, because we think charging $350,000 a piece is somewhat uncool. There's no final official price for the car, but a tax slip from the Big BJ Vette Auction let slip that it may only be $99,000. Will the market bear a price 3.5 times the sale price? Probably. The ad below the jump.


Very hard to get ZR1 Corvette 2009 - $350000 yes i have guaranteed myself to get three but only selling two who wants one ?dont wait till this summer there are only 2000 being made price will go up SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY 3476727911


[LA Craigslist]

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Sure, you bet. Kiss my ass, I'll save a little money and go buy a Z06 or really go out on a limb and buy one of the last ZR-1's for pennies on the dollars that the first bunch of fools went and wasted.

And the rich get richer...