Man Drives Car Into Ocean While Screaming "This Is My Beach"

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An unidentified driver with an unknown motive drove their Nissan Altima over a California beach and directly into the ocean Friday afternoon.

Witnesses say the man was screaming "This Is My Beach" and yelling his social security number while he drove erratically down the beach and into the ocean.

The incident occurred on Cherry Beach around 3:30pm Friday. Impressively enough, the driver managed to make it into four foot deep water before the car died. The failing Altima wasn't the end for the unidentified man though.


He escaped the immobilized car and continued swimming into deeper water before lifeguards were eventually able to catch him. They returned the man to shore without incident and detained him until Police arrived. A passenger also involved in the aquatic adventure successfully fled by land.

Although the beaches were crowded when the rogue Nissan appeared nobody, including the unidentified driver, was injured in the bizarre incident. The sea-going Altima was eventually fished out of the water using a backhoe and a tow truck.

[Long Beach Press-Telegram]

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Is that it? That's an Altima.