Man Crashes Week-Old Lamborghini Aventador Into Cars, People

A Houston man who just purchased his $350K Lamborghini Aventador only a week prior managed to hit a pair of pedestrians and some parked cars while trying to exit a club in the city's Uptown Park area. He told police he didn't know how to drive it. Clearly.


This all happened at approximately 2:00 am outside the Belvedere Lounge, which is a super trendy place where people go to show off their cars/clothes/women. It also has a small, cramped parking lot where I'd be loath to park a brand-new Lamborghini.

The money quote in the article is "the driver told officers he just bought his Lamborghini a week ago and was still unfamiliar with how to use it properly."

Here's a tip, dude: don't drive your 700-hp supercar into people.

Drinking isn't suspected to be a cause and the driver has yet to be charged. Three people were sent to the hospital with non-serious injuries.


(Hat tip to Zerin Dube/SpeedSportLife!)

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