Illustration for article titled Man Arrested For Fifth DUI Says He Was Drinking All Day At Chrysler Plant

Brian Ahlert, a 41-year-old worker at Chrysler's Belvidere assembly plant, faces drunk-driving charges after he was pulled over on the way home from what he claimed was a very liquid day on the job.


Ahlert was stopped around 8 PM on February 11 after motorists called in reports of his 1995 Chevrolet Lumina swerving across Interstate 90/39 at speeds well under the 55-mph limit. During the arrest he claimed that he had been drinking all day at the factory. This will be Ahler's fifth time dealing with DUI charges; his license had already been suspended.

At this time Ahlert's job description has not been made public, and his claim that his consumption occurred while at work has not been confirmed. However, if true it would not be the first time that a Chrysler worker imbibed (and then some) during the workday.


Photos: Rock County Sheriff's Department (Ahlert)/AP (Belvidere Assembly)

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