Man Amazingly Walks Away From Airborne, Multi-Rollover Nürburgring Crash

Here’s your occasional reminder why the Nürburgring Nordschleife is the most dangerous track in the world. This Renault lost it in the Schwedenkreuz section of the track, went airborne after hitting the wall, and then rolled several times to a stop. Miraculously, per Bridge to Gantry, the driver only has a very sore neck from the roll.

Amazingly, the driver of the rolled Renault gets out and starts chatting with the man who came to check on him.

If you’re wondering why the driver of the car filming stopped and got out to check on the rolled car, it’s because the Nürburgring is still a public road, and drivers are still supposed to stop and assist when they see an accident.

While it’s safer to stop past the crashed car to help, the huge debris field left by the accident may explain why the filming driver stopped so far back.


Either way, kudos to Renault on this one. It’s incredible that the driver survived this kind of accident with only relatively minor injuries.

[H/T Robb Holland for additional information]

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Don’t you have to pay for damages at the Ring? Anyone know, and how much?