Malaise Era Fun With GM H-Bodies!

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There's no better way to start off the work week than with a stiff shot of Detroit Malaise badge-engineering hijinks! UDMan ran across a website jam-packed with all manner of H-body info, and he was kind enough to send in some highlights. Be sure to make the jump for a massive gallery of Starfires, Sunbirds, Firenzas, Skyhawks, and more. []


Raphael Orlove

Does anybody know the whole story of the DeKon Monzas? Those singlehandedly give these H-bodies undeniable class in my mind. I know Jalop had a post about them back at Monterey a while back, but I still don't know how one of GM's crappiest performers could toss 512BBs aside with the flick of a wrist. Man alive do I want that one with the stripes up there. Real bad. And did GM ever capitalize on theat whole DeKon Monza thing, like offer any factory promo, pseudo-race version offered to the public?