Making a Poster, With Coop!

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In We Jam Econo, Watt said something that really powerfully resonated with us upside-the-head-style: "The whole idea of Minutemen, in a lot of ways, was to make our life into art." And we know a few guys besides Watt who've truly done that: Gearhead's Mike LaVella is one, and Coop is another. He's managed to turn his teenage cartoon/sci-fi/hot-rod fantasies into his world, and well, sometimes we get a little jealous of Mister Cooper's vision and abilities. And the fact that he's got his own Hot Wheels now. Here he gets all Bob Ross on the process of making the screenprint poster for the Hot Wheels Collectors Show in Japan, where he'll stand as the Satano-Hot-Rod-Punk-Rock Coop of honor.


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