Make Your Teeth Shatter With This Brutally Rough IndyCar Onboard

Ah, the hard streets of Toronto. While they’re most famous for producing Degrassi stars who rap, they’re also kinda rough, man. Physically, I mean. There’s no better illustration of just how bumpy they can be than strapping a camera on James Hinchcliffe’s IndyCar and wondering if he shook out a filling last weekend.

Pit lane and one long straight are relatively smooth sailing, but as soon as the Mayor of Hinchtown hits some of the more (ahem) well-loved streets on last weekend’s Honda Indy Toronto street course, place a call to your dentist.


Street courses are always neat onboard videos because of the tunnel vision effect of a car speeding between two very close, very whackable barriers. Either way, I think my laptop started rattling just looking at that. And why do I all of a sudden feel like a boneless chicken?

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