Major News, Hello Is This On? Holden Commodore to Be Pontiac G8

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As Australian press reports, Pontiac will import 50,000 Holden Commodore SS models to the US, to be rebadged as the new Pontiac G8 — a rear-drive muscle sedan not under the leadership of Val ry Giscard dEstaing (and likely lacking quasi-violent protestations). The new, Zeta-platform model is set for a debut in Chicago next month, though GM's Chairman of Vice, Bob "Ozzfest" Lutz — on announcing the plan yesterday at the Detroit show — wouldn't say when the first models would hit market. New mojo for Pontiac or GTO redux? Hmm. [Thanks to Peter for the tip.]


Holden to export SS to US []

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Oh, to hell with what the roofline looks like. I'll take a re-badged Commodore over a Bonneville any day.

And yeah, fro, I wish Ford would give us the Falcon, especially the turbo six—that seems like a really cool motor. (What's it called? The Barramunga?) I'll take mine in retina-searing electric blue.