Magnum Daytonas Do Not Fear Malaise

Lots of folks saw the junked '78 Dodge Magnum the other day and thought "What the heck is that thing?" But there's a man in Kansas City who knows his Magnums... knows them so well, in fact, that he understood the essential need to add Charger Daytona-style wings to two of them. And, crazily enough, they look way better than the mental image one gets from hearing the description "'78 Magnum With Daytona/Superbird wing." Thanks to David for the photos; make the jump to read his description of these fine classic automobiles.


There's a guy here in Kansas City with three Magnums. Two of them have the elusive Superbird wing styling option.

I've never been able to track down the owner. He parks on top of the garage to preserve the awesomeness. He has the yellow one, the silver one, and then a bondo'n'primer beater he drives infrequently.

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