Magnesium und Shteel und Sans-Serif: 1961 Volkswagen 1500 Ad Campaign

Buddy Scott has been blogging up a storm over on what was supposed to be a restoration chronicle of his Type III but instead has turned into (probably) the most complete site on teh interwebs for all things VW 1500. So be it. We find this particular entry fascinating cause we dig old car ads so much. Essentially, and paraphrasing Scott, VeeDub needed to emphasize that unlike how the BMW 700 completely replaced the bubbly 600/Isetta, the new 1500 was in fact a sibling to the Bug. To hit people over the head with this duality, the car of the people came up with the Swiss Modern style "Volkswagen + VW 1500" advertisements. Which, as happenstance would have it, is where Scott got the name for his blog. Click the link for some interesting reading and really cool old-timey photos.


Volkswagen + VW 1500 ad campaign, 1961 []

What in the Gasgacinch? 1962 VW 1500 Karmann-Ghia Restoration Blog in Full Effect [Internal]

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