Madrid Rings in 2011 With a Ford GT40

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The pace of life in Madrid on the afternoon of January 1st is more like the aftermath of a nuclear strike which spares nothing but fur-clad ladies than a bustling Mediterranean metropolis. Plenty of time for GT40s.


I’m not sure it’s entirely possible to judge the character of a city’s car culture over an all-too-brief one-day blitz, but if first impressions do count, this Ford GT40 and the long line of Le Mans prototypes painted on the shutter of a downtown model car store are by far the most interesting vehicles in the Spanish capital. The rest is generic modern Euro gray, with no sign of cars named after Spanish bulls.

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Car culture in Spain is pretty much non-existent. It's all about driving like an asshat and buying the fugliest cars modern marketing sells to you.

(Lack of car culture around here really saddens me)

Anyway, any of the few car aficionados around will reckon the GT40 is a real badass car.