@Mad_Science: Oh, see, we normally do link. In fact, we love showing our readers cool stuff on the web even if it's not ours. It's just we thought "no link" is the new link etiquette these days from Edmunds given their recent non-linkage to us on our stories: [www.insideline.com] I give automotive outlets the same respect on links that they give us. When they don't respect our stories enough to link to us — even quoting us — we won't respect their stories enough to link to them.

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Might as well post it here as well:

@Ray Wert: I'd say there's a difference between a press release that you somehow had an exclusive on and original content like the Edmunds walkaround. Particularly given that it's their picture.

You still have no excuse for copying their last line.

Also, there's this whole concept of taking the high road, being the setting the better example. Just a thought.