Macklemore Really Nailed My Childhood Fantasies Here

(Image Credits: Macklemore LLC/YouTube)
(Image Credits: Macklemore LLC/YouTube)

I used to sit in my grandpa’s Mercedes, draining its battery blasting tunes while sitting static in his driveway. I never got brave enough to start it, but if I had been, and also my friends were famous athletes, I’d like to think my day could have pretty much gone down like Macklemore’s “Marmalade” video.

The song’s okay (in my humble opinion) but Macklemore’s fictional son (/younger self?) commandeering the family Maybach and joyriding on a box of Jordan’s and getting into hijinks with pro athletes is cute and entertaining and makes me glad people still make music videos.

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Guy’s garage needs more classics, though.

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Serious question: your parents let you get in their car and dick around/turn shit on without threat of crucifixion ?

Is this one of those American things I’m just now learning about - like peanut-butter toast and coupon clipping clubs ?