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LA-based blogger, journalist and designer Mack Reed (known to his G's as McRib) has decided to immortalize the plight of Stefan Eriksson in song. But not just any song. His vision is of a collaborate effort, resulting in "something like a punk narcocorrido by Social D. with Dick Dale on guest lead guitar and Damon Albarn on keyboards." He's already written the first part, posted over at LAVoice. Anybody care to take on the rest? Also, for you kids who love the rockets, he's got a great piece on the dismantling of Rocketdyne's VTS-1 test stand here which is a fantastic read for anyone who understands that aerospace and hot rodding were birthed from different sides of the same loins.

The Ballad of Dietrich and the Demolished Enzo [LAVoice]

Stefanage, Erikssonianism [Internal]


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