Luxo-Barge + Matrix Music = Still Not Exciting

The CTS-V Coupe launch video showed a car ready to destroy the world. The Cadillac XTS video, complete with dramatic Matrix-esque orchestration, shows a car ready to save it — right after it's done showing you pictures of its grandkids.



I don't know if I agree with you guys. I really like the XTS. While it would be better off with rear wheel drive (with the optional AWD) I think its pretty exciting for a large car, especially when its compared with the A8, 7 Series, or S-class. The flagship car for a luxury brand is supposed to classy and comfortable, not over the top (thats what the interior is for). Think S-class compared t E-class... The S class is more subtle. The XTS in my opinion fits nicely in the Cadiallac range, sucessfully transmitting the art and science look to a large car. While the back still looks like an MKS to me, I think its a great looking car that is worlds better than what its about to replace.

While I understand designs opinions are to each his own, I just really curious of what you guys expected. Did you just want a blown up CTS?