Lutz Hints At 335 HP Buick Regal GS, Wagon

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Our good ol' pal "Maximum" Bob Lutz told Car & Driver they're considering an Opel Insignia OPC-like 335 HP version of the Buick Regal that may be called the Regal GS. Oh, and possibly a sporty Buick Regal wagon!


This isn't a huge surprise as they already make a wagon version of the Insignia in Europe, though it continues GM's interest in creating wagons. An interest we share. Can we please get a version based on the Vauxhall Insignia Sport Tourer VXR, please?


Rendering Credit: Tagline @ deviantART

[Car & Driver]

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Joe Valasek

What's with all the "high in the middle" wagons? They look like minivans, and that kills 85% of the "coolness" of wagons (the fact that they're not minivans). #buickregal