While Lutz recently explained to Automotive News why the reborn Goat went so soon to slaughter, we might want to look back at another Bob Lutz project that combined great-for-its day power with a rear-drive IRS package: The Merkur XR4Ti. Pulled from a 1998 interview, Lutz explains what killed Ford's 3-Series rival in the American market after the jump.

"I'll tell you where the mistake was made, in my judgment. We all wanted it as a Ford of Europe export program, as opposed to an NAO import program, and many of us wanted the car to be put through the import networks and just almost totally disassociated from Ford. We wanted a separate [advertising] agency that would take a completely different approach and address itself to import owners who at that time were a completely different breed. The last thing in the world we wanted was an agency like [Young & Rubicam] coming up with headlines like "Bavarian Scream," which, when the car wasn't even from Bavaria, you know, I mean, it was so absurd."


Robert Lutz on the Merkur XR4Ti, November 13, 1998

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