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With most of the big tuning houses ignoring the BMW X3 as if it were a German-language RAV4 (notwithstanding AC Schnitzer's cough coach), Lumma's new X3 package nearly shocked us out of a late afternoon snooze. While some of the more bot-like styling panels are just a couple rivets shy of looking like the skin of the Millenium Falcon, designers have kept the whole exersize understated. Instead, they've let the 22" Lumma/ATP rims and 285-30 tires do most of the preening. Front and rear spoilers stand symbolically, like Buckingham Palace guards ready to defend the honor of the empire by increasing downforce and stability; as if they'd ever in their lives see that kind of action. As for the engine, a 41hp gain gives the underpowered 3.0-liter a bit more room for mouthing off.

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